General information
General information

The Republic of Abkhazia (Apsny) is a sovereign, democratic, state of law historically established according to the right of nation to free self-determination. The names the Republic of Abkhazia and Apsny are equivalent. The total area is 8,7 thousand square kilometers. Average extent from north to south is 54 km, from west to east – 160 km. The coastline is 214 km. 64% of the territory is covered by mountains. 57 % of the territory is covered with forest (oak, beech, hornbeam, chestnut, fir and spruce). The climate is humid, subtropical, the average January temperature on the seacoast is +4 +7 C, in the mountains +2 -2 C, in July - +22 +24 C correspondingly. Precipitations – 1300-2400 mm per year.

On 26th of November 1994 the Parliament of the republic adopted the Constitution of a sovereign Abkhaz state, the subject of international law, approved by the nation-wide voting on 3rd of October 1999 with the amendment adopted on a nation-wide voting (referendum) on 3rd of October 1999. The state language of the Republic of Abkhazia is Abkhaz along with the Russian language which is recognized as a language of state and other institutions.

Abkhazia is a presidential republic.  

The Head of state - the president – is elected for five years. Today Raul Djumkovich Khadjimba is the President of Abkhazia.

The legislature is represented by the People’s Assembly – Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia.

The executive branch in Abkhazia is represented by the Government that is led by the President. For the conduction of the general executive activities throughout the territory of Abkhazia the President of Abkhazia leads the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Abkhazia. The Cabinet of Ministers is formed by the President of the Republic of Abkhazia and is accountable to him.

The Prime Minister, Vice-premieres, ministers and other officials are part of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The population is 242 756 people, 122 309 of which are urban citizens, 120 447 are rural citizens.

Currency – Russian ruble.

Administrative and territorial division of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Abkhazia is located in north-west part of Caucasus. It has borders with Krasnodar region of Russian Fedeartion in north-west (on Psou river), with Georgia on south-east (on river Ingur). It has borders in the north with the republics that are part of Russia – Karachay Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria. It is washed by the Black sea. The Republic of Abkhazia has 8 territorial administrative units – Gagra, Gudauta, Sukhum, Gulripsh, Ochamchira, Tkvarchal, Gal districts and the city of Sukhum. Regionals centers are towns of Gagra, Gudauta, Ochamchira, Tkvarchal, Gal, towns within districts are Noviy Afon (Gudauta district), Pitsunda (Gagra district). The republic has three seaports: Sukhum, Ochamchira and Pitsunda seaports.