Tourist Information

Abkhazia is characterized by an exceptional variety of climatic conditions. Throughout the fifty kilometers from the Black Sea coast to the Main Range of the Great Caucasus, you can visit all climatic zones - from humid subtropics to eternal snows and glaciers. In general, the climate in Abkhazia, due to the sea and mountains, is humid subtropical.

About the weather

Winter in Abkhazia begins in mid-December, and spring is already coming in early March. Even in winter, the air temperature rarely drops below 0 degrees, only frosts occur only high in the mountains. On average in the republic in winter, during the daytime, the air warms up to 7-9 degrees Celsius, and at night it cools to + 2- + 4. In summer, during the day, the air temperature rises to 26-28 degrees Celsius, and at night it drops to + 19- + 21 degrees. The average annual air temperature is +15. 

About precipitation

During the year, from 1300 mm (coastal part) to 3500 (mountains) mm of precipitation per year fall on the territory of Abkhazia. Most of them fall in autumn and winter. In the highlands in the summer and early autumn, prolonged rain showers are frequent.

About the sea

The temperature of sea water in summer reaches +27 degrees, and up to October remains at +18 .. +19, so the swimming season lasts from mid-May to October. In terms of its physical and chemical composition, sea water off the coast of Abkhazia is close to mineral waters, and its salinity - only 18 grams per liter - is twice lower than in the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas.