Tourist Information
Memo for tourists about the rules of conduct in Abkhazia

1. The monetary unit of Abkhazia is the Russian ruble.

2. Drink responsibly. Persons under the influence of alcohol are not allowed into the sea!

3. Long-term exposure to the open sun in the daytime can be dangerous and harmful! Be sure to protect your skin from exposure to ultraviolet rays, which can be extremely dangerous. Dose small children’s stay in the sun. Sunbathing is recommended before 11 am and after 18 am.

4. It is advisable to deposit documents, jewelry and money in the hotel safes. Whenever possible, large amounts should not be taken out of the purse, as in Abkhazia, as in any country, street pickpockets are often found.

5. Do not accept invitations to picnics, traveling or visiting strangers.

6. When visiting restaurants, remember that the national cuisine of Abkhazia can be spicy.

7. Abkhaz respect their elders, parents, and family. Consider this in conversations about your personal life and relationships.

8. In restaurants, the usual tip size is 10% of the total bill.

9. The Abkhaz legislation does not provide for the possibility of acquiring real estate by foreign citizens. Any offers of agencies and individuals for registration of real estate on the Abkhaz passport of third parties should be considered as fraud.

10. The mountains are sacred to the Abkhaz. Rules of conduct in the mountains are strictly regulated. Being naked, foul language, polluting the nature or otherwise demonstration of disrespect for the mountains are prohibited. In these places follow to behave like in the temple.

11. Mountain lakes - not a place for swimming. The water in them remains cold even in the hot season. An abrupt change in temperature is dangerous, especially for persons suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

12. Mountain rivers are swift. With the rapid flow and steep slopes, it is necessary to swim with caution. The water in them also remains cold even in the hot season.

13. In the mountains of Abkhazia night falls quickly. The air temperature drops sharply. It is impossible to move further in the pitch darkness, the probability of falling into a cliff is high. Therefore, do not not plan evening trips.