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The traditional cuisine of the Abkhaz, which has retained distinctive features to the present day, has evolved in the process of the centuries-old history of the people. It, naturally, testifies to the well-established habits, tastes, the order of eating the food itself, etc., illustrating the inner side of the everyday life of its creators.

It should be noted that with a large variety of food products, the food of the Abkhaz is somewhat limited in its assortment structure. There are only 30-40 items in it, but nevertheless it is quite diverse, as it includes protein-rich foods, eggs, meat, fish products, dairy products, fats, vegetables, fruits, etc. All Abkhaz food is denoted by two names: flour food - aguhu, and all that is used with it - atsyf. The national characteristics of the Abkhaz should include a high intake of vegetable products that contain various vitamins and minerals (corn, beans, walnuts, etc.). The well-known Caucasologist E.M. Schilling drew attention to this feature of the Abkhaz culture as early as the 1920s. He pointed out that “the food of the Abkhaz compared to the food of the North Caucasian peoples is somewhat different. There is more meat, and oil and other products, here (among the Abkhaz) fruits, berries, nuts, wine and dairy products predominate. And dishes with pepper are distinguished by unusual spiciness."