Tourist Information

You should always carry with you a business card of the hotel or a card with your personnel data. If you get lost, show the card to a local citizen or taxi driver!

at the airport:

✓ watch your luggage, do not leave it unattended even for a short time;

✓ do not use the services of private porters;

✓ do not change large amounts of money at the airport, as you will not need them on your way

at the hotel:

✓ keep money, documents and valuables in the hotel safes;

✓ if the room has a mini-bar, all drinks taken from it during your stay at the hotel must be paid on the day of departure at the reception.

✓ be sure to leave your keys at the hotel reception

during excursions:

✓ before each excursion check ticket availability for this excursion;

✓ do not be late for boarding the bus at the beginning of the tour. During the tour, arrive on time to the place designated by the guide during stops of the tour program;

on the street:

✓ make the copies of your personal documents, and if possible do not carry originals with you.