Tourist Information
Travel with animals

Before you go on holiday with a pet, you need to get a certificate of health at the veterinary station at your place of residence. The document will be issued to you based on the animal's veterinary passport, in which all necessary vaccinations should be noted. At least one month before departure, the animal must be vaccinated against rabies - the vaccination certificate will be valid only 21 days after the vaccination. On the basis of the vet passport, the State Veterinary Service doctors, after examining the animal, will issue a veterinary certificate (Form No. 1), which you must present at the station or at the airport. The certificate is issued three days before the trip and is valid for three days, until the moment of dispatch. The certificate is valid until the animal reaches the final point specified in the document.

N.B.: Please note that the carriage of animals by air and train will require a baggage ticket. In addition, each airline has its own rules for transporting animals, so you should know about them in advance.